Meandering river, bullet journal

Price: £50.00

Coptic bound journal created by layering boards of the front cover covered with marbled paper. Layered cutouts make up a meandering river with the erosion and deposition areas on the opposite banks. A meander is a sinuous curve which is product of erosion of sediment on the concave bank of the river and its gradual deposition on the convex bank - a point bar. Meanders bite into the river valley and migrate downstream. You may have observed the same thing on the window when it rains - streaks of water curl as they travel downwards.

Book is stitched with dark green linen thread.

* Size A5 (21 cm x 15 cm; 5.8" x 8.3")
* 120 sheet/240 pages of bullet/dotted cream recycled paper, Clairefontaine, 80 gsm, suitable for most inks.

Coptic books are sturdy and they lie flat which allows for very comfortable for writing.