Immaginacija Bindery diaries are not only seasonal products. I make them all round using my 'diary generator' which allows me and mainly you to choose a starting date for your diary.
All my diaries are individually printed and handmade on site. Each diary is unique and made to your specifications.
Diaries are made in Coptic style - binding with exposed spine and stitching that will match the colour of elastic you select. This type of binding is very durable and what's more, the books are wonderfully flexible and lie flat.
Diary pages are printed on cream 100% recycled Claire Fontaine paper, 80gsm, which is suitable for most dry media and gel pens; some fountain pens can be used also. I recommend testing your pens on the last page of the diary to test their suitability.
To design your diary please start with selecting the cover design and follow the instructions below. You may find that some cover designs don't show the finished diary but only the inside pages. The reason may be I haven't yet made a diary with this design. I highly recommend browsing other designs and seeing photos of other finished diaries to get the idea.
Please be aware that the final product is unique; patterns and colours may vary on different screens as well as on the final product.

Select your diary cover design

Customise your diary

Diary type
Diary size
Finish of corners
Line types
Colour of elastic
1 (red)
2 (orange)
3 (orange-yellow)
4 (yellow)
5 (mint green)
6 (bright green)
7 (dark green)
8 (light blue)
9 (mid blue)
10 (royal blue)
11 (navy blue)
12 (baby pink)
13 (blush pink)
14 (dark pink)
15 (lavender/violet)
16 (purple)
17 (grey)
18 (beige)
19 (tan/light brown)
20 (dark brown)
21 (white)
22 (black)
Starting date
Please select the cover design and specify all details before placing your item in the cart.