Immaginacija Bindery is a tiny, one woman bookbindery based in my home in Wolvercote, Oxford, UK and I'm Lucie, the bookbinder.

I believe in the power of handwriting; the tradition, the therapeutic ritual and the simple pleasure of putting a pen to paper.

You don’t need fancy pens or neat handwriting, nor you need to be a writer (but I applaud you if you possess any of these privileges), writing is for everyone. And so are my books.

They’re made from scratch using simple hand tools and various bookbinding techniques. I do my best to make my books sustainable, useful and affordable. I recycle and reuse and make most things on demand, thus minimizing the overall environmental footprint of my business.

I make them to be used and to bring you pleasure. I hope you will make them yours and unique and treasure them.

Or not. No pressure. They also burn well.