Immaginacija Bindery is a small press and bindery, a little woman cave of mine with piles of bookbinding material and tools – a place where all the craft happens.

Immaginacija is a made-up word, a construct that means, simply, imagination. With no formal qualification in bookbinding, I have fallen back on my imagination and an experimental approach; whilst learning on the go, I have developed my own designs and techniques. I employ various art and craft techniques and mixed materials to create an aesthetic yet functional product for daily use and the joy of handwriting.

All my products are completely handmade by me, made from scratch and typically one-off.
It’s been many years since I’ve made my first handmade book. Since then thousands of books have been made and sold to lots of wonderful people.

I believe in power of handwriting, the simple pleasure of putting a pen to paper. All the memories you hold and that are committed to paper also carry a piece of yourself, hidden within your handwriting – your mood or state of mind, the smell and sound of the very moment in your life. As you grow – and you never stop growing – so does your writing, both its look and content. By keeping handwritten memories you are able to witness yourself move through your life.